I Bleed Red and Black

I bleed red for my life is full of love for Jesus Set Me Free at Calvary where is Precious Blood was spilled out for you and me. God is love and I also bleed Black for I once was a sinner in darkness. I am nothing without God for Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a Wretch like Me for even in the Darkness I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. For the love of the Lord is in my
heart where I once was full of Darkness.
but now my heart bleeds red for Jesus is my savior and he took the nails for you and me. Oh what a savior is who who died for us. For we will never know how much it cost to see our sins upon that Cross. For there is a hunger in my soul to spread the love of Christ to this World. Let me be a light to others so others see Christ in me.

Andrea Phillips♡


Rose Among the Thorns

There is beauty from the ashes. There will be times in your life’s that your faith will be tested but it those times you have to remember this that God gives us Thorns  in our life to draw us closer to him. No matter where you stand in your life the Lord is faithful, While I was walking Gibbs Garden with Lee in the fall I noticed how sharp that the thorns were but just think how beautiful the roses are in Spring, This devotion was inspired by Lisa Brannon, she said this in a text that the thorns and trails in life draw us closer to God with no doubt that is so true. So no matter the thorn  in your life stand firm in your faith. So many times we pray for strength but in those times of our life when things seem to be crashing around you and the thorns are in the dirt trust in God completely and remember that you have a loving family and friends all around you. I am blessed with a loving family and also a great church family. I love Castleberry Road Baptist church and Antioch too. May you find that the Lords Grace is sufficient in your life but you got to fully surrender your life to him. Are you ready to take that step that choose is up to you. Hope this encourages you today and enjoy this beautiful song with just voices is simply amazing.

Jesus our Healer

rehabOur Pastor Tommy Weldy preached a sermon from Mark 2, wow such a beautiful sermon. Jesus is our healer of hope when life has you down on your knees I have been just like you yes I just want to throw my hands up and give up but what gave me hope is remembering these words by our sweet pastor he said simply this that changed my life Jesus knows your heart and your situation, as many of you know I injured my back running., truthfully I was upset about it I never thought I would heal but instead of complaining about it, I went to Resurgeons and did months of physical therapy and I have gotten a little better and I praise God that he heard my cry, God is our healer With ought a doubt, I said these words to Tommy I might not being the one running anymore but I can lead a soul to Christ, For it still takes the Blood for a soul to be saved, so the ball is in your court are you willing to get a soul to Jesus. Tommy also preached from Joshua 2 about the spies that entered the land. The analogy I got from this we are like that lady on the roof we must reach down a cord to sinners she threw down a scarlet cord and brought the men to safety. I think of Rapunzel too of her long beautiful hair, what if you let down your braids and sinners climb to Jesus, so imagine being Rehab now or even Rapunzel. Jesus wants his child back so if you strayed away from him he is calling out your name now and to the lost sinner for there is people like Rehab in the World that would loved to see you saved by his marvelous Grace.
As Rahab offered to shelter the spies and aid them in their escape, she received from them the promise that when they returned to her country, along with Joshua and his army, that she and her family would be spared alive. While her sin had possibly estranged her from her loved ones, she was concerned about their safety as well as her own. Rahab wanted the kindness she was showing the spies to be kind, and they assured her that she would be dealt with “kindly and truly.”  That red token at the window was likewise a signal to the outside world that Rahab believed in the ultimate triumph of Jehovah. Her faith is what all of us need now, let down the scarlet cord Jesus is calling the  sinner be saved.

Andrea Phillips


Seasons of Life:

In life we all face times in our  life where  the Lord will test our faith. FOR  every Sunrise of a brand new day there is hope for God is with us in  every season that we go through in our life whether it is sunshine or in the pouring rain.

We start off in the winter months in the  beginning of the new year that will bring you pain or will bring you Joy in  your heart.  It is in   the winter months that a lot of times people are the most depressed and are going through this season and your life where you feel that God has forsaken you it is during those times of darkness you draw closer to God.

The winter month has passed but it’s up to you to make the change and move forward to Spring but will you?   How many times has the lightning striked  the side of your boat for me in my life way too many times to count. Sometimes you got to let  God Rock the Boat  to draw closer to him.

We a lot  times plant seeds in the spring. A farmer knows that he must protect his crops from  being destroyed just like this farmer as a Christian are you ready to work hard for the Lord and it’s up to you to make that call.

The sweet Breeze of the Autumn trees bring Serenity. This is the time to reap and  it is also time to harvest. A farmer   gathers the crops to be prepared for winter. We prepare for the winter and during  in this time of harvest we work hard to maybe gather firewood for a cold winter.  I believe the Gathering the firewood and crops is a symbol of what we should do as Christians we reap what we sown. That is how we grow to be more on fire for Christ.

The Lord is with you through sunshine and rain. I want to thank our pastor Tommy Weldy for his encouragement. THIS  devotion was inspired completely by him.   Tommy  preached a sermon from Ecclesiastes 3 verses 1 – 8 a month ago. I am thankful for the impact  he has had in my life and for Castleberry road baptist church.  Sammy Wright Also  preached from Ecclesiastes 3 during our revivial in 2015. Amazing man of God like his son.  No  matter the season in your LIFE  the Lord is with you but its up to you to fully trust in him. ♡Andrea

Rise UP

The Atlanta Falcons have seen defeat and  so has each of us at some point in our  life. I thought you would like this quote by Matt Ryan.  ” They have high expectations and they’re really tough on themselves because they know what it takes to win it keeps them humble.”  Just like the Atlanta Falcons know what it takes to win so does  each of us in  the Game of Life.  Thank you for reaching out to me and helping me to get me the strengh to rise up despite the WAVES of doubt  all around me. I hope that my words Echoe in your heart. God has really blessed my life in so many ways that it’s people like all of you that have gave me courage to  never give up. In life we have to rise up dispite how many times that we fall face first in the ground. Rise up above the storm in your life and know God always has been faithful even at times you do not think so.

Rise up and revere our king Jesus

Rise up and live the truth of the bible

Rise up and spread the gospel

Rise up and reach out to each other


Andrea Phillips

Soldier of the Cross

soldierNot to long ago our pastor Tommy Weldy preached about being a soldier of the cross. My mind goes back to all those who are fighting for our country, but take a deep breath and pause and reflect back to the one who is fighting for you in your life right this second there is hurting hearts of those dealing with loss and hardships, but go back to the time the Lord saved your soul by his marvelous grace. His love gives my heart peace and I know that he washed my sin as white as snow by his great love my chains are gone, Oh how I love Jesus because he first loved us. We are like the soldier left out in the cold if we do not have Jesus in our heart for my heart has been as cold as stone at times because I know that I need to fully trust in God even when the dirt is in my face he made me into who I am today. We are in a battle each day longing for peace and rest. The Lord is the one walking beside us and he has never left my side. Just last night I went outside and knelt down in the snow and prayed to draw closer to God. Amazing grace every chain was broke when the Lord took the shackles off of me and I am dancing now for the joy of Jesus is in my heart. So now with a broken wing I fly back to the cross and let go of doubt and trust in him completely. I am worn and just like a soldier in battle at times I have been torn but God took every broken piece and is making all things new in my life in 2017. Continue to pray for me and know I lift you all up in prayer just as much. I love Castleberry Road Baptist church and the impact that the church and our pastor and his family have had in my life. This song has been on my heart and just like this song it mentions a friend walking beside you in battles and that is your family and friends walking beside you always.


Waiting on Salvation

salvationMy heart has been heavy thinking about the lost  souls this morning, and my mind goes back to so many mornings of hitting the snooze button, I thought a lot about that so many people overlook salvation, they wait on the pastor and Sunday school teacher to lead them and years to make the right choice to follow Christ. They wait on salvation   but what they do not realize is we are not promised  tomorrow, how many times must they hear the plan of salvation to accept Jesus as there savior. Do not wait on salvation for today is the day of salvation so  accept Christ in your life and the gates of hell will not prevail.   This sermon is by a man that I love very much and I am thankful for the impact that Craig Richard has had in  my life. The video of him preaching   starts at 11 minutes in the service.  as Christians we must rise up and lead sinners to the cross. If it was  not for Travis Bridgeman, , Craig Richard , Shaun Wright and our wonderful pastor of Castleberry Road Baptist church Tommy Weldy.   I would not where I am today. I love these men of God the more than each of them will ever know.  Jesus is calling your name and no matter the situation you are in in your life. Welcome him in your life, I am nothing but a sinner saved by his marvelous Grace. To Craig Richard when you read this thank you for the impact you have had in my life. Lifting you up in prayer.  Keep on leading sinners to the cross and Jesus paid it all at Calvary.

Revealing the Mask

maskpicYou where the mask of a smile, but under the smile brokenness has occurred in your life you run to the ones that are there for you always  and  help you move forward in every step you take in life. Then you stand alone. You learn to walk the path in your life with your head up even through the fire of Doubt, you let go of fear  and learn to climb the mountains of obstacles of your faith being testing under the hot coals of fire and trails and pain, What are you waiting for someone to save you from the fire or well you let the Devil win today?

The Victory is won for the cross stands still for this is a new day for hope so step off the edge of this mountain with me and together we will face the fire of obstacles together as one, for I am your friend so take my hand and help me stand for I can not make it through without you by my side,  I build a wall of prayer surrounding you for you will do the same for me!

SONY DSCBreath in Me: Andrea Phillips

This Lord you breathe life into my veins,  for my heart beats to the rhythm of Your unfailing love, In the middle of the night all this light shines in my window, for today is a brand new day for down on my knees I have learned to stand. Lord I cannot even walk with ought you holding my hand,for there has been times in life thatI have walked through the fire, but you will not  let me burn in the coals of doubt. Take me through the fire for the testing of my faith will only makes me stronger inside and out.

Another Broken Egg

eggIt is Saturday morning and you race to get the ready for the day to begin, you fix the family breakfast of eggs and bacon and gravy. Your family gathers around the table for breakfast, and a prayer is said to thank God for his many blessing in you and your family life’s. Your child asked how the egg was made and your reply to his question with the egg was a liquid and then the heat from the oven brought it together to make your scrambled egg. I sit and pause about this because comparison but it is a lot like our life with ought Christ. For just like the egg we are yoked Together by Gods love for us that will never change. puzzle God took the broken pieces and placed them back together again. Also the broken egg is our life with ought Christ. For we shall all be reaching out the gospel to the sinner, but to be yoked to sin is to be part of it. For we are not to yoked together to the unbeliever. The bible states in Deuteronomy 22:10 that the donkey and the ox pulled away from each other because there nature was different. The same as for the sinner and the saint because both have different believes. For a Christian is so much different than a sinner.

SCRAM For with ought Christ we are liked the egg before it was a scrambled egg beaten down and empty. For the time is now is to pick up the broken pieces and accept Christ as your Lord and savior for as the family gathers your Childs looks in his father eyes and ask his Dad how can I accept Jesus in my heart. His dad looks into his eyes and takes his child by the hand. He says you must believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins and he arose again on the third day. Then his Dad opens the bible to John 3:16 For God so loved the World that he sent his only begotten son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

john 3 16Then you and your family pray with your child, your child repeats the words after you Lord I know I am a sinner and I believe that you died on the cross for my sins please come into my heart today, In Jesus name, Almen. For this was the morning your child was saved by his marvelous grace God has saved a precious soul. This story that I wrote means so much more then the words on this page for it is the plan of salvation for the sinner.



Being yoked together means more than you will ever know for this family this Saturday morning become a family of God because there child become a child of the king. Oh how precious it is to see someone saved and especially your own child, So today give your heart to Christ for we are all a broken egg but when Jesus comes into our heart we are like a egg that is scrambled. God often times puts us through the heat just like the heat on the stove that is making your egg come together. He will put you through the fire but with tears in my eyes I can promise you he will not leave you there. For when Jesus comes into our life we are unbroken because we have the joy of Christ in our heart.

Breaking the chain unleashed

Breaking the Chain Unleashed:
So many times as Christians we struggle with sin and doubt and we ponder the question how can I break the chain of doubt. Satan comes as sly as a fox in your life only to steal your joy, but you must let go and let God take control of your life. Do not tell the storm how big your storm is but tell the storm how big your God is. How many times have you heard these words my life is a wreck, God does not care anymore and neither does anyone else. I know I have heard these words as being chaplain of y club my senior year of high school, and I know all of you have as well. We all struggle at some point in our life, but no matter the chain the Lord your God can break every chain. For it is not the size of the dog but the fight in the dog. I love this quote because as Christians we are in the Lords army and he wants his children back to trust in him more. I lift up my brothers and sisters in Christ for each chain of doubt was broken at Calvary . Oh what a savior is my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. So in a rambling wreak World that we live in take the first step of freedom and Put your Trust in God. Trust in God no matter the circumstances in life he has proved his faithfulness over and over again.
Poem wrote by: Andrea Phillips
Dance around the Flame:
You dance around the flame that holds you captive. You let your fear
control you, but you know it shall not. But you walk among the thorns.
Satan is telling you there is no hope, then you look back at the cross up
the hill for Jesus is the one who took the nails for us and so lets dance
around the cross for I am trading my sorrows for the cross

I am not alone: